A Big Shout Out to National and D&K Printing

Nothing is more satisfying to a designer than seeing his or her work displayed. Ok, maybe free beer on a hot day is more satisfying, but seeing your work displayed is still pretty darn fulfilling. Which is why we want to give a huge shout out to National Print Group and D&K Printing for producing the promotional materials for the 4th Annual Cactus Bike From Work Bash presented by Primal.

If you have driven down 15th st. into Denver lately, you’ve likely noticed National Print Group’s handiwork hanging on the side of the Cactus building at Little Raven, and gracing the windows of the Gates building at Wewatta.


And if, like me, you have a slightly unhealthy love of coffee, you have likely seen some of the beautiful double-sided posters produced by D&K Printing hanging at your local caffeine den.

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