Cactus welcomes the Cyclist-Lawyer as a sponsor for Bike From Work Bash

If you have ridden your bike on the streets, then you know that it can be pretty scary. From bad roads with no shoulders to aggressive or inattentive drivers, riding on the road comes with many challenges. And that is exactly why organizations like BikeDenver and Bicycle Colorado exist – to encourage and promote bicycling, increase safety, improve conditions and provide a voice for cyclists.

Thanks to their work, we are seeing more and more bike lanes, education for drivers, and even legislation like the 3-foot law to protect cyclists on our streets and the recent closing of the Hit and Run loophole. And they are always looking for help.

But the reality is, despite all of their hard work, accidents still happen. There are still inattentive or aggressive drivers. Bikers still get hit by cars and often drivers speed off without stopping. Just as we have organizations like BikeDenver focused on making our streets safer for bikes, we also have businesses dedicated to protecting the rights of cyclists after something has happened. Businesses like the Cyclist- Lawyer.

We are thrilled to have Megan Hottman, a.k.a, The Cyclist-Lawyer involved in the 4th Annual Bike From Work Bash presented by Primal. In March 2010, she formed Hottman Law Office, LLC (aka ““), which she says, “is the perfect combination of passion and profession. My love of cycling and legal education culminated in this practice. I’m doing what I was meant to do.”  In addition to representing her own clients, she also works as a consultant with several Colorado plaintiff’s firms.

Hottman, a competitive cyclist, coaches the lawyer-filled cycling group, “Wheels of Justice,” helping the members train and prepare for the Courage Classic each July.  Hottman Law Office proudly sponsors two cycling teams ( cycling team (Colorado), and Big D Cycling(Kansas/Missouri)), as well as the Bicycle Colorado Bike Summit.

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