I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

Perhaps one of my favorite catch phrases ever on TV were those 8 words uttered by a cigar-puffing Col. Hannibal Smith at the end of every episode of the A-Team. But how true it is.

Shortly after Gates Carbon Drive signed on as a premiere sponsor of the Cactus Bike From Work Bash, we were brainstorming along with the folks from Primal Wear and BikeDenver about our ideal partner for the event.

First, we really wanted a world-class bike manufacturer.

Second, we wanted one that made bikes with the Gates Carbon Drive.

Third, it would be great if Primal Wear had some connection to them.

Fourth, we wanted one that would be willing to provide the ultimate door prize in the form of a Carbon Drive powered bike.

We did the math and there was only one name on the list, and what a name it was. This company is one of the most well known names in cycling, they make rad Carbon Drive powered bikes and they sponsor both of Primal’s top teams. With a pedigree of victory spanning every discipline of cycling, you can’t do much better than Specialized.

So, we devised a plan to connect with them, introduce them to Cactus Bike From Work Bash, and entice them to get on board. We regaled them with tales of bashes past, we appealed to their love of bikes and beer, we even pulled out the big guns and sent them a copy of Sexy Bike Wash.

And it worked. Today, I get to utter those words that Hannibal made so famous:  I love it when a plan comes together. Specialized has joined the 4th Annual Cactus Bike From Work Bash presented by Primal as a premiere sponsor, and they are providing the insanely awesome Specialized Source as a door prize at the event. So mark Wednesday, June 27, 2012 on your calendar and head over to 15th & Little Raven for the 4th Annual Cactus Bike From Work Bash to take a Specialized out for a test ride. While the Boulder Beer at the event is free, make sure to bring your wallet because you are going to want to load up on door prize tickets for your chance to win this:*

*Exact door prize bike may be slightly different but it will be just as awesome.




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