Illegal Pete’s Presents The Photo Atlas

From the very beginning, Illegal Pete’s has been a huge part of Bike From Work Bash, handing out hundreds if not thousands of free burritos over the years. For 2012, Illegal Pete’s is once again involved in the bash, but this time as the entertainment sponsor. If you have ever met Pete, you probably know that two of his favorite things are Lucha Libre and Music. Mexican wrestlers in masks didn’t seem to make a ton of sense for Bike From Work Bash, but a killer band sure did.

 Which is why we are so thrilled that Illegal Pete’s is presenting The Photo Atlas on the Specialized Stage at the 4th Annual Cactus Bike From Work Bash.

According to their Facebook page, “The Photo Atlas are one of those bands that have name recognition. Even if you don’t know exactly what they sound like, you’ve definitely heard of them…. and with good reason. They’ve been hard at work these past few years touring the country, playing the large festivals, romancing the record industry, and really making a name for the Colorado music scene. The group’s music blends the angularity and drive of Fugazi, the gut-punch of At The Drive-In and the infectiousness of The Faint all into one explosive little package.”
The Photo Atlas will be performing on the Specialized Stage at 8pm.

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