Introducing the Bike From Work Bash Limited Edition Beer Mug

Last year, Boulder Beer came through in a huge way when we tapped out the initial 20 kegs of beer by 7pm, and with the help of their distributor they rustled up enough additional kegs to keep the party going. For 2013 we will be ready with more beer, but that liquid goodness comes at a price. In an effort to offset the cost we are introducing the limited edition Cactus Bike From Work Bash Beer Mug.

While your first two beers will still be free, the Bike From Work Bash Beer Mug gives you access to more beer, including some specialty brews from Boulder Beer, as well as a special VIP beer line for Mug holders only. The Bike From Work Bash Beer Mugs can be purchased on the day of event for $20, and they also include a door prize ticket for some sweet swag from our sponsors. Proceeds form Mug sales go to support BikeDenver.


While you are at the Bash, make sure to stop by our sponsors and partners and check out how each one is making riding bikes safer, more accesible, more fun and generally more awesome. Sponsors and parnters include Primal, Gates Carbon Drive, Boulder Beer, Centro, Billups Worldwide, Bicycle Village, Pandora, the Cyclist Lawyer, Alchemy Bikes, Wish for Wheels, The Denver Egotist, Clif Bar, Bhakti Chai and more.


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