May is National Bike Month

For those of you who are just now recovering from your Cinco de Mayo hangovers, may we please draw your attention to the fact that, yes, we are officially in the month of May, which means that National Bike Month is officially underway. Think of May as a training month as you gear up for Denver’s Bike To Work Day and Bike From Work Bash on June 27th.

Here are few ways you can celebrate National Bike Month:

• Bike to work – If you’ve always been curious about commuting via bicycle, now is the time to discover what it’s all about.

• Ride your bike to run an errand you would normally do by car – Think of all the little errands you run in a given week. Many of them don’t require your car. Use your bike instead.

• Organize a group ride with your friends.

• If you have the know-how, offer to tune up your friends’ bikes. Many people have bikes sitting in their garage with a flat tire (or two) and a chain that desperately needs some lube. A bike that’s ready to ride is more likely to be ridden, so do your part to get them back on the road.

• Explore a new place on a bike. It is amazing what you will find when you get out of your car and take the world in on two wheels.

Illustration by Carolyn Vibbert (

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