Colorado Closes Hit and Run Loophole

Here is a scenario:  A drunk driver plows into a cyclist and is faced with a choice: Stay, help and face charges or run and hope you don’t get busted. The thing is, until June 6, 2012, if the person decided to run and was later caught they would face a lesser penalty than if they had stayed in the first place.


Which is why it is such a big deal the Bicycle Colorado along with a number of community partners was able to work with legislators to pass House Bill 1084, which closed the hit and run loophole. And on June 6, 2012, Governor John Hickenlooper officially signed HB1084 into law.

Strong work Bicycle Colorado. Strong work.

Click here to learn more about HB1084 and the work of Bicycle Colorado.

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I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

Perhaps one of my favorite catch phrases ever on TV were those 8 words uttered by a cigar-puffing Col. Hannibal Smith at the end of every episode of the A-Team. But how true it is.

Shortly after Gates Carbon Drive signed on as a premiere sponsor of the Cactus Bike From Work Bash, we were brainstorming along with the folks from Primal Wear and BikeDenver about our ideal partner for the event.

First, we really wanted a world-class bike manufacturer.

Second, we wanted one that made bikes with the Gates Carbon Drive.

Third, it would be great if Primal Wear had some connection to them.

Fourth, we wanted one that would be willing to provide the ultimate door prize in the form of a Carbon Drive powered bike.

We did the math and there was only one name on the list, and what a name it was. This company is one of the most well known names in cycling, they make rad Carbon Drive powered bikes and they sponsor both of Primal’s top teams. With a pedigree of victory spanning every discipline of cycling, you can’t do much better than Specialized.

So, we devised a plan to connect with them, introduce them to Cactus Bike From Work Bash, and entice them to get on board. We regaled them with tales of bashes past, we appealed to their love of bikes and beer, we even pulled out the big guns and sent them a copy of Sexy Bike Wash.

And it worked. Today, I get to utter those words that Hannibal made so famous:  I love it when a plan comes together. Specialized has joined the 4th Annual Cactus Bike From Work Bash presented by Primal as a premiere sponsor, and they are providing the insanely awesome Specialized Source as a door prize at the event. So mark Wednesday, June 27, 2012 on your calendar and head over to 15th & Little Raven for the 4th Annual Cactus Bike From Work Bash to take a Specialized out for a test ride. While the Boulder Beer at the event is free, make sure to bring your wallet because you are going to want to load up on door prize tickets for your chance to win this:*

*Exact door prize bike may be slightly different but it will be just as awesome.




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Free Beer from Boulder Beer

Boulder Beer Rules!

It seems like you can’t throw a tire lever in Colorado without hitting a microbrewery. Which we think is a wonderful thing because we love beer. But there is something special about being the first. Being the first of many means you had an awesome idea and the chops to back it up. Being the first and oldest microbrewery in Colorado means you have a solid tradition of producing best in class brews that have been loved by Coloradans for decades. Which is why we are so thrilled to announce that Boulder Beer, Colorado’s original microbrewery, has signed on as the beer sponsor for the 4th Annual Bike From Work Bash presented by Primal.

Boulder Beer started in humble circumstances, sharing their first brewhouse with a few goats on a farm near Boulder. While Boulder Beer has been known by a few names since 1979, the one thing that hasn’t changed is the quality of their suds. From their lively Singletrack Copper Ale and their Sweaty Betty Blonde to their hearty Mojo Risin and Hazed and Infused Dry-Hopped Ale, nothing caps a perfect ride like one of these beers.

So, on June 27th, make sure you jump on your favorite two-wheeled transport and pedal over to 15th & Little Raven to join us for some free Boulder Beer at the 4th Annual Bike From Work Bash presented by Primal. And since these brews are free, yes free, perhaps you’ll find it in your bike-loving heart to spare a few shekels for BikeDenver.


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Get Your Hands on the limited edition Bike From Work Bash Jersey

A few weeks back, we asked for some community help to select the design for Primal’s limited edition 4th Annual Cactus Bike From Work Bash  jersey, and we are excited to say you can now get your hands on them.

Jerseys are $75, and proceeds go to BikeDenver, our local bicycling advocacy organization. Jerseys can either be picked up at the Primal Wear tent at the Bike From Work Bash, or if you want it faster, you can have it shipped for $5.

Click here to order yours today.

Spandex not your thing? No worries. We have an awesome t-shirt that we will be unveiling soon,

Click here to learn more about the Bike From Work Bash.

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The Ninja Bike: Powered by Gates Carbon Drive

When our friends at Gates Carbon Drive dropped of this slick bike for me to tool around on, the first thing I noticed wasn’t the 11 speed internal hub, the matte black paint job or even the subtle red reflection on the tires from the underside of the fenders. No, the first thing I noticed was that there was no chain, instead there was a carbon reinforced belt. You know, like the ones you see when you pop open the hood of pretty much any car.

Over the weeks I have been riding this, I have received many comments about how rad it looks, about how quiet it is and about how lucky I am to have friends at Gates Carbon Drive. Needless to say, I knew this was a pretty cool ride. But I didn’t realize exactly how rad it was until I opened a recent issue of Wired magazine and found this exact bike gracing the pages of the techno-geek-chic bible under the headline: Night Rider.  

The first three lines of the article say it all:

“I’ve never seen a ninja on a bicycle.

Then again, if a ninja did ride a bicycle, would I see him? Stealth is kind of important for those guys.

So, if you asked me to find the best bike for a ninja to ride, I’d pick this one.”

Pretty sweet huh? Head over to Wired to read the rest of the review, and while you are planning out exactly how to pilot this black beauty while wearing a sword strapped to your back, you should also plan on cruising over to the 4th Annual Cactus Bike From Work Bash presented by Primal where you can take a bike powered by Gates Carbon Drive out for a spin and enter for a chance to win one from our friends at Specialized.





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Check out 5280′s review of Bike From Work Bash sponsor Gates Carbon Drive!

Gates Rubber Company, a 100-year-old Denver business that is more well-known for automobile, motorcycle, and industry belts, has stretched to the cycling world. Instead of the traditional bicycle chain, the Gates Carbon Drive System uses a polyurethane core belt that never needs maintenance and lasts twice as long as a normal chain. 

What does that mean for commuters like me? No more rolling up one leg of your pants, no more lubing the chain, and a super quiet drivetrain. After a month of February slush and early spring weather, my jeans lacked their signature grease marks thanks to the Gates belt. I’m a bike nerd, yes, but even newbies will love this low-maintenance alternative. Watch the video below to see my complete review of the system. 

- From LINDSEY R. MCKISSICK with 5280

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May is National Bike Month

For those of you who are just now recovering from your Cinco de Mayo hangovers, may we please draw your attention to the fact that, yes, we are officially in the month of May, which means that National Bike Month is officially underway. Think of May as a training month as you gear up for Denver’s Bike To Work Day and Bike From Work Bash on June 27th.

Here are few ways you can celebrate National Bike Month:

• Bike to work – If you’ve always been curious about commuting via bicycle, now is the time to discover what it’s all about.

• Ride your bike to run an errand you would normally do by car – Think of all the little errands you run in a given week. Many of them don’t require your car. Use your bike instead.

• Organize a group ride with your friends.

• If you have the know-how, offer to tune up your friends’ bikes. Many people have bikes sitting in their garage with a flat tire (or two) and a chain that desperately needs some lube. A bike that’s ready to ride is more likely to be ridden, so do your part to get them back on the road.

• Explore a new place on a bike. It is amazing what you will find when you get out of your car and take the world in on two wheels.

Illustration by Carolyn Vibbert (

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And the winner is…

A few weeks ago we asked the community to weigh in our the jersey design for the 4th Annual Cactus Bike From Work Bash presented by Primal. The talented designers over at Primal came up with a slew of awesome designs and we were able to narrow it down to our top three, but we needed the community to make the final call. It looked like Jersey 1 was going to win for a while, but once we factored in votes from Facebook, Jersey 2 emerged victorious.


We will be moving into production on the limited edition Bike From Work Bash Jersey. We will be posting instructions on how to get your hands on one soon. All proceeds from the sale of the jersey go to support BikeDenver.

Lycra not really your thing? No worries, we will also be producing t-shirts, socks and other items as well.



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Caine’s Arcade: The Power of an Idea

While this isn’t about bikes, it is about something equally freeing; the power of ideas. Bike From Work Bash started out four years ago as an idea, and thanks to everyone who believed in it, it has become a reality, and more than that, a tradition. Here’s to the power of ideas.

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Help Us Choose the Bike From Work Bash Jersey

As part of their role as presenting sponsor, Primal is designing and producing a limited edition jersey for the 4Th Annual Cactus Bike From Work Bash. They produced a number of awesome concepts, and we were able to narrow it down to our favorite 3, but now we need your help.

We have partnered with TwitPolls to gather community input on which jersey Primal should produce and sell. Proceeds from jersey sales go to BikeDenver. Voting is easy, just tweet to @BikefromWork, include your choice (with hashtag)- #jersey1, #jersey2 or #jersey 3 and include the link: Or, you can simply click here to vote.

BIke From Work Bash Jersey Designs by Primal Wear

We will announce the winner next week.

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