The Ninja Bike: Powered by Gates Carbon Drive

When our friends at Gates Carbon Drive dropped of this slick bike for me to tool around on, the first thing I noticed wasn’t the 11 speed internal hub, the matte black paint job or even the subtle red reflection on the tires from the underside of the fenders. No, the first thing I noticed was that there was no chain, instead there was a carbon reinforced belt. You know, like the ones you see when you pop open the hood of pretty much any car.

Over the weeks I have been riding this, I have received many comments about how rad it looks, about how quiet it is and about how lucky I am to have friends at Gates Carbon Drive. Needless to say, I knew this was a pretty cool ride. But I didn’t realize exactly how rad it was until I opened a recent issue of Wired magazine and found this exact bike gracing the pages of the techno-geek-chic bible under the headline: Night Rider.  

The first three lines of the article say it all:

“I’ve never seen a ninja on a bicycle.

Then again, if a ninja did ride a bicycle, would I see him? Stealth is kind of important for those guys.

So, if you asked me to find the best bike for a ninja to ride, I’d pick this one.”

Pretty sweet huh? Head over to Wired to read the rest of the review, and while you are planning out exactly how to pilot this black beauty while wearing a sword strapped to your back, you should also plan on cruising over to the 4th Annual Cactus Bike From Work Bash presented by Primal where you can take a bike powered by Gates Carbon Drive out for a spin and enter for a chance to win one from our friends at Specialized.





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